Nacho, Andes and More’s partner and main guide in Argentina, has worked on Aconcagua for 18 years. He has been to the summit 39 times. 75% of his groups make it to the top. This is what some of his past clients have to say about him.


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Written by Adrian Gauno, an Argentinian living in Italy:
The truth is that I would need hours and hours to tell you about how good Nacho is at his job and even longer to talk about him as a person. I am Argentinian but I have lived in Italy for several years, but my love of this mountain began back in my country. For any Argentinian lover of mountains, Aconcagua is a dream that you can not easily shake off. Apart from being the highest mountain in the Americas, it is a truly physical and mental challenge. There are many guides who work on this beautiful mountain but few are able to lead a heterogenous group, to sufficiently prepare everyone physically and psychologically, and at the same time to keep everyone happy and entertained, to release any pressure, deal with any anxieties and to transform a serious adventure into something enjoyable. The key to building our team was Nacho! In my case, I arrived in Mendoza and joined an expedition through an agency. My companions in this adventure were 2 Swedes, 1 Swiss man, and I completed the group. It is easy to imagine the mix of ambitions and physical abilities. Nevertheless, as the days went by, Nacho was able to meld these different desires and abilities and so we formed a homogeneous group of mutual help and understanding. Nacho prepared us, looking for the best in each of us, even putting us into single file the optimum order as day by day we climbed the neighbouring hills. He was our strategist, culminating in all four of us reaching the summit, guided by Nacho, a true leader, friend and companion. You cannot imagine how difficult it is to try to describe a person so briefly. But for me, Nacho is a role model, a person that I love and someone that, as a friend, will always be in my thoughts and in my heart.

 Written by Pablo Corvalán from Argentina:

I believe that of all the mountain guides I have known, Nacho has some very special characteristics which are not usual in people who do this sort of job.

Firstly, in spite of his relatively young age (35), he is enormously experienced in mountaineering, especially on Aconcagua, because he started so young and has spent loads of years working there every season.

Secondly, he has a very even temperament which means that everyone in all the camps know him, love him and, above all, respect him.

I have never heard a negative comment about Nacho, on either a professional or personal note, in any mountain or in any camp. And it is worth saying that I have absolutely never heard Nacho saying anything negative about anyone else.

But all these important qualities are not what distinguishes him from the rest in my eyes. Nacho is a well-prepared educated person, and during his time on the mountain he has gathered a wide experience of life. He has a friendly yet profound way of talking, which makes you think too, so that the journey you share with him is not just about reaching the summit, and little by little during the long hours of trekking and the endless hours of coexistence in the mountain, the journey is transformed into a experience to find one’s “internal” summit.

Nacho is a person who has values, who does not waver in the face of adversity, and who is capable of giving everything, absolutely everything, for whoever is with him.

I am living proof of what I am saying. Today I would not be alive if it were not for the decisive and generous actions that Nacho took in seriously difficult circumstances, risking everything and preparing to lose his own life in order to save mine.

(Note: Pablo suffered a fall and Nacho spent the night keeping Pablo warm with his own body heat and moving his limbs to prevent frostbite until he was able to continue the descent.)

I can assure you that he acted without any hesitation and that he didn’t even stop to think about risking his life and his health to look after me and to stay by my side. If I can summarise somehow, I would tell you that Nacho and I had an expedition to hell and back and survived. But to put it another way, if I was asked to entrust the lives of my children to anyone I would have no doubts in entrusting them to Nacho.

As you know, these attributes are not very common, neither amongst mountain guides or the in population in general. I don’t know if my comments will be that important to you when you are deciding whether or not to go with Nacho, but I can assure you that if you share an expedition with him, you will not return home as the same person.

(If you have any questions that you would like to ask Pablo, he is happy that people e-mail him. It would be easier for him in Spanish though, as he lives in Argentina, so please e-mail for his e-mail address and also a translation of your question, if you don’t speak Spanish.)

Written by Manolo Lopez from Argentina:

I had a really great experience with Nacho. He takes the responsibility of his work very seriously and personally, I had a lot of confidence in him. During the difficult parts of the expedition, he always inspired confidence in me. I was never frightened, I just did what he told me to do, which he did with the conviction and authority that I believe only comes with knowledge, experience and being acutely aware of the fact that you are dealing with something as important as a life and in an environment as tough as a mountain.

 Written by Juan Luis Sanchez, a Spaniard living in Sweden:

Nacho is a good professional who takes everything that he does seriously and responsibly.


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