Length of Expedition:18 days


Pick-up at Plumerillo Airport in Mendoza City (760m/2.493ft.)

Private transportation to your hotel. After you settle in and rest for a while, we’ll evaluate your climbing equipment and recommend any else you might need.

We’ll end the day with a welcome dinner.

Day 2

You’ll have your first medical check-up.

We’ll take you to get all required permits for the expedition.

The same day, we’ll drive from Mendoza to Los Penitentes (2.580 m/8.465ft.) and will have lunch at Villa de Uspallata, on our way to Los Penitentes.

Hotel check-in and dinner.


3 to 4 hour drive from Los Penitentes to the trailhead at the Provincial Aconcagua Park.

4 hour trek to Confluencia, at (3.390m /11.300ft.) via Valle de Horcones


Trek from Confluencia toPlaza Francia (4.200m/13.779ft.) from where we will have a great view of Mt. Aconcagua’s impressive South face (3.000m/9,842ft.)

Return to Confluencia to spend the night.

Day 5

We’ll have a day of rest and acclimatization at Confluencia.

In our experience, spending an extra day at Confluencia increases the chances of a successful acclimatization to the altitude at Plaza de Mulas, our next stop (4.260m/13.976ft.)

You’ll have a medical check-up here as well.


We’ll trek approximately 21km/13mi (7-9 hours) from Confluencia to Plaza de Mulas. This is a long day with excellent views of Mt. Aconcagua, Cerro Pirámide, Dedos, México, Horconesand Cuerno. Mules will transport gear and food to basecamp. 

Day 7

Day of rest and acclimatization at Plaza de Mulas.

Day 8

4 hour trek to Cerro Bonete (5.100m/16.732ft.) This trek offers spectacular views of the West face and the normal route.

Day 9

4 to 6 hour climb from Plaza de Mulas to Plaza Canada (4.900m/16.076ft.), to carry our gear and food up.

We’ll return to Plazas de Mulas to spend the night.

Day 10

Rest and acclimatization at Plaza de Mulas.

Third medical check-up.

Day 11

3 to 5 hour climb from Plaza de Mulas to Plaza Canada.

Day 12

3 to 5 hour climb from Plaza Canada to Nido de Cóndores (5.400m/17.7165ft.) Optional climb to Cerro Manso.

From Plaza Canada we will climb to Cambio de Pendiente o Campamento Alaska, an intermediate camp at (5.200m/17.060ft,) then we-ll go on to Camp II (5.400m/17,7161ft.)

From that altitude and facing southwards, we’ll be able to see the Gran Acarreo, the famousCanaleta and the summit!

We’ll descend to Plaza Canadá to sleep. We have noticed that when spending the night here, the members of the group have an easier time adapting to the altitude, thus increasing their chances of making it to the summit.  Most other companies don’t add this extra day.

Day 13

Trek from Plaza Canadá to Nido de Cóndores. We’ll spend the night at 5.400m/17.7161ft.

Day 14

We’ll carry our gear and food from Nido de Cóndores to Berlín, then return to Nido de Cóndoresto spend the night.

Day 15

Climb from Nido de Cóndores toBerlín (5.930m/19.455ft.)

We’ll rest that afternoon to prepare for summit day.

Day 16 - Summit day!

From Berlín the route continues along the Northwest ridge, passing through the Independencia refuge (6.370m/20.898ft.) then we’ll go on to Portezuelo del Viento. From here the route follows the upper side of Gran Acarreo, leading us to the famous Canaleta, the most challenging segment of the normal route.

At 30ºangle of inclination and 300m slope, this part of the climb will require physical and mental strength and lots of patience. The Caneleta will take us to Filo Guanaco/The Guanaco ridge which then joins the South summit, at lower altitude than the North summit. We’ll follow the ridge until we reach the 6.962m/22.841ft. at the summit, where an aluminum cross marks the highest point in the Western Hemisphere.

With a 360ºview, we’ll be able to enjoy a spectacular view of the many 5.000m/16.404ft. and higher peaks of The Andes!

This is by far the largest day. The climb to the summit will take us from 9 to 12 hours, while the descent will take about 4 hours. Here is where all our time preparing and acclimatizing shows! It is no doubt one of them most extenuating yet rewarding days of the expedition!


Descend to Plaza de Mulas.

Day 18

Descend from Plaza de Mulas toHorcones.

Return by private vehicle to Mendoza.

We’ll award you a Mt. Aconcagua climbing certificate and enjoy a farewell dinner!

Day 19 and 20

There are two extra days in our program in case of bad weather or in case you need to rest a bit longer between climbs/treks.

Day 21

Airport drop-off

Patricias Mendocinas 1391 Ciudad de mendoza