You will need a lot of equipment for your expedition, but if you do not want to buy it, it is possible to hire it in Mendoza. Below are two equipment lists - the equipment that we provide and the equipment that you have to bring, and then details of how to hire equipment.

Our Equipment
  Four season tents
Medical kits
Fuel and equipment for cooking and heating

Your  Equipment
Clothes Warm hat – wool or synthetic - that covers your ears
Face Mask
Baseball hat or similar to shade eyes
Lightweight underwear including leggings – polypropylene or capilene
2 pairs liner socks – polypropylene or capilene
3 pairs of heavy wool or synthetic socks. Important: check the fit of your boots with the socks
Fleece jacket or top
Jacket with fleece or thermal lining and hood
Waterproof, breathable jacket e.g. Goretex. Important – it must have a hood.
1 pair nylon pants for trekking or around camp
1 pair of soft shell pants – Schoeller fabric
1 pair nylon shorts – running shorts or other quick dry type – not cotton
1 pair hard shell pants – waterproof, breathable with full side zips – Goretex or equivalent
Gaiters – must fit over boots
2 pairs of thin gloves – fleece or polypropylene
1 pair of mittens, fleece, thermal or wool
Goretex outer mittens with reinforced palms.

All clothing should be kept dry using waterproof stuff sacks or large plastic bags. You should also bring lightweight city clothes for wearing in Mendoza. It'll be hot there. These can be left in Mendoza when you are in the mountains.
Footwear Light hiking or trail shoes for trek to base camp and acclimatisation hikes
Mountaineering boots – double plastic e.g. Koflach or Assolo
1 pair sandals – optional
Sleeping Gear Sleeping bag rated to at least -18oC (0oF) – line the stuff sack with plastic bags.
Sleeping pad – 1 full length closed cell foam pad and/or a full length Thermarest for extra warmth and comfort
Sleeping bag shell/bivi bag – optional

Backpack Backpack with an internal frame - at least 70 litres. Avoid unnecessary features that add weight but it must have somewhere to attach crampons and ice axe.
Small daypack for use during the day treks.
One large duffle bag that all your kit can go inside – must have small padlock
One small duffle bag for leaving any belongings in Mendoza.

Miscellaneous Lip balm of at least SPF 20. Two sticks are recommended and it is handy to attach a string to them to hang them around your neck.
Sunscreen of at least SPF 40
Glacier glasses – 100% UV protection with side shields and a hard storage case
Headlamp with spare bulb and batteries
Pocket knife – Swiss Army type
Personal first aid kit
Personal toiletries
2 water bottles – 1 wide mouthed Nalgene bottle and 1 bottle carrier or a hydration bladder with a drinking tube and a Nalgene bottle.
Thermos – one litre
Plastic bowl and cutlery
Water purification – iodine tablets or Polar Pure crystals, or a water purification filter
Bottle for urine
Hand wipes
Camp towel
Ear plugs
Favourite snack foods – small amount
Paperback books, cards, mp3 player
Binoculars – optional – to view the route from the lower camps
Camera – optional – one lightweight small camera for on the mountain, and one larger camera for during the treks and in base camp
Wallet for travel documents
Airline ticket
Money, credit card, ATM card or travellers cheques
3-4 large plastic bags to keep belongings dry
Nylon stuff sacks for food and gear storage



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