Terms and Conditions

The term “expedition” used in these Terms and Conditions refers to all itineraries described on this website, including those which may also be termed as tours, treks, trips, holidays or expedition add-ons.
The expeditions on this website are sold on a “land-only” basis and Andes and More cannot accept responsibility for any of the travel arrangements you made to join the expedition.

Andes and More cannot accept responsibility or financial liability for any enforced changes to your travel plans due to the alteration of the expedition dates, itinerary or its cancellation as a result of force majeure.

To book a place on an expedition, you should e-mail Andes and More the information requested in the “How to Book” section. We will then reply to tell if there are spaces on the expedition and whether your experience and fitness meet our criteria. Upon a positive reply, you should then pay a deposit of USD $1000 per person. Details of how to make a payment will be sent to you. You will then receive confirmation of your booking.

The full balance of payment for the expedition must be received no less than 60 days in advance of the start date. If the balance is not received by the specified date, Andes and More reserve the right to cancel your booking and you will forfeit your deposit.

Bookings made within 60 days of the expedition start date must be paid in full within 7 days of receipt of the e-mail from Andes and More advising you that there are places on your chosen expedition, and that your health is suitable for the expedition.

If you wish to cancel you must do so in writing, via letter or e-mail, and the following scale of charges will apply:
60 days or more before the start date of the expedition: loss of deposit
between 30 and 60 days before the start of the expedition: 50% of total trip cost
less than 30 days before the start of the expedition: 100% of the total trip cost
If you pay your full balance early in order to receive a discount, but then cancel your expedition more than 60 days in advance, you will be reimbursed the entire amount you paid less the value of the normal deposit.

After confirmation of your booking you may transfer to another expedition at a cost of USD $200 per person, per booking. You must also pay any non-refundable or non-transferable costs incurred by Andes and More in respect of your booking, e.g. with third parties.

Transfer requests must be in writing and must be received before the payment of the final balance is due. Any transfers after this date will be at the discretion of Andes and More and dependent on the availability of places on the alternative expedition.

You may transfer expedition more than once with a transfer fee being due each time, up to the end of the season following the one in which the expedition was originally booked. Failure to travel within this 18 month timeframe will be viewed as an intention to cancel and the deposit and any transfer fees paid will be forfeited, and the booking cancelled.

During the expedition Andes and More will make every effort to adhere to the planned itinerary but it should be recognised that it may be necessary to alter the itinerary from time to time due to weather conditions or the remoteness or otherwise of the expedition. Andes and More accepts no responsibility or liability for any costs as a consequence of such a change.

Your guide has the final say in the actual itinerary - the itinerary in these pages is a guide. The guide also has the final say in assessing the conditions encountered on the expedition, the abilities of the members of the team to complete the expedition and to solve any problems that may arise. In accepting these terms and conditions, you accept their authority in these matters.

An individual may be asked to leave the expedition if the guide believes that a person's health is at risk, an illegal act has been committed, or the individual's behaviour is detrimental to the safety, well-being and enjoyment of the group or an individual within the group.

A client leaving the expedition for whatever reason will not be automatically entitled to a refund. This will be at the discretion of Andes and More.

Andes and More will not knowingly operate expeditions in contravention of UK Foreign Office advice that is published before the start of the expedition.

Andes and More shall only be bound by the advice of the UK Government's Foreign Office and not by the advice of other governments.

Most of our expeditions involve going to high altitude where there is a danger of altitude sickness. They also take place in remote areas with limited infrastructure and in such places the ability to treat illness or injury is reduced. Climbing and mountaineering are hazardous activities with a risk of serious injury or death. In accepting these terms and conditions, you acknowledge these hazards and accept the associated risks.

Andes and More or any of its representatives cannot be held responsible for any injury, illness, death, or uninsured loss of personal property sustained during the expedition, neither can it be held responsible for the effects of any force majeure on the expedition.

Most expeditions have extra days built into the itinerary for flexibility in case of bad weather or some other untoward event. These increase the chance of meeting the principal objective of the expedition. If these days are not required to meet the objective of the expedition and the team returns from the mountains early, any additional costs incurred by you, for example, meals and hotel accommodation not included in the itinerary, will be paid by you at the time.

You must have insurance that covers you for all activities included in the itinerary of the expedition, including medical cover.

Prices in the website are based on costs and exchange rates as at 01/04/08. In the unlikely event that surcharges become necessary due to increased costs passed on to Andes and More, you may cancel your booking without penalty if the surcharge amounts to more than 10% of the total cost of the expedition.

The terms and conditions of all agreements with Andes and More shall be governed by Northern Irish law.

Payment of the deposit for your expedition signifies that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions.



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